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Airds 2016 Calendar

03 October 2015 at 19:24

Following the success of our calendar last year and the fantastic feedback we received, we were encouraged to produce a second calendar using some of the many photos we have taken over the last year of the immediate surrounding area to the hotel.

Over the years guests have repeatedly suggested that we should somehow use the many great images we have taken and so Graham and I have been having another little competition over the past year to see who can produce the best photograph and this has also encouraged other staff to join in!  This second calendar is the result of all the competition!

We are very pleased with the selection of images, which have been chosen by many of the staff and if you would be interested in purchasing a calendar then just give us a call on 01631 730236. Priced at only £6.95 plus P&P

Hope you enjoy looking at all the images which will hopefully remind you of happy time at Airds!


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