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Matt's Super Green Smoothie

18 May 2020 at 11:35

Matt’s Super Green Smoothie 

         Who doesn’t like a smoothie! 

Smoothies are great. Throw everything you like into a blender and away you go. But they can be so much more. Smoothies can be a great way of taking on essential vitamins, minerals, fibre and other important nutrients. But a healthy smoothie doesn’t have to be a nasty smoothie! 

Remember to keep it simple. You don’t have to put 100 things in the blender – you will end up wasting more in your fridge than you eat. Try keeping to, say, 6 ingredients max. The recipe below is my go-to, but feel free to mix it up a bit – apple, for example, could be substituted for banana or mango (especially if you’re worried about blood-sugar spiking). You can also add yoghurt or nut milk (I like almond milk) if you want it a little creamier.

When you blend a smoothie with fresh fruit, it will usually become quite frothy, especially when using fresh lemon juice or apples. This froth is formed from the insoluble fibre in whatever you are blitzing. It’s a good thing! So don’t scrape it off, your gut will thank you for it.

Benefits of ingredients used in my recipe -

  • Kale – loaded with antioxidants, Vitamins C & K, and can lower cholesterol
  • Ginger – can help fight infection, improve digestion, and has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Spinach – Excellent source of Vitamins A, B2, C & K, iron, insoluble fibre, and calcium
  • Apple – source of Vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2 & B6, fibre, and essential mineral potassium
  • Lemon – proven to protect against Anemia & kidney stones, and source of Vitamin C 

Hope you enjoy it! 

Serves 1 

1 handful fresh spinach leaves, washed

1 handful fresh kale, washed

1 apple, core removed, roughly chopped

1 lemon, juice and zest

2-inch piece of ginger, peeled and finely chopped

Approx. 20 mint leaves – some stalk is fine too

180g cold water

A few ice cubes 

Simply put all ingredients into blender and whizz for 90 seconds, until very broken down.