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29 April 2020 at 12:08

This week is National Gardening Week and for those fortunate to have a garden, what a great week, with the flowers truly blooming and the colours looking magnificent.

During her week, Caroline our Head Gardener, kindly wrote me a short blog to share with you.  The grounds at Airds are starting to look fantastic and we can't wait to welcome you back when the time is right.

With best wishes - Shaun.

Hello to all The Airds Hotel & Restaurant friends, during this very unsettling and scary period a great form of exercise is working in your own garden. 

Whilst The Airds has been temporarily closed, I have been tending to the gardens on my own and really looking forward to seeing you all again when it’s safe to do so.

A few jobs I have been carrying out this month are:-

Collecting the seaweed from the shore front to add to the vegetable area and compost bins. If you are fortunate enough, like us, to live by the sea this is a great form of manure. Please ensure you only collect seaweed that is high up the shoreline and is not alive - gather it up but leave for a day or so nearer to your garden but still near the beach so the little inserts can go back to the sea.

When clearing up the last of the leaves that I left for the hedgehogs, I came across plenty of nice healthy looking hedgehogs.

As the grass is now growing it’s time to start cutting - keep the blade high for the rest of this month. Check there are no stones in the way to damage the blades, please also take a minute or so to ensure there are no slow worms sunning themselves. If they are in the way, they are not scary or dangerous, just move them not too far away out of harms way or stamp your feet close by and they should move away. 

As you can tell I love the wildlife in our area, although some like the Red and Roe Deer do challenge me!

Keep safe, see you soon. Caroline