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Port Appin Lighthouse

04 December 2020 at 11:26

Remember I said on the 2nd December that there is quite a story to tell on the history of our lighthouse in Port Appin.  Well it certainly had an interesting time back in 2001 for a short period of time.

The seven metre high lighthouse in Port Appin was painted pink with yellow spots.  It was reported back in 2001 that vandals had also painted an adjoining storage facility in a colour scheme resembling that of the children's television character Mr Blobby.

Officials said they failed to see the funny side of the prank and sent paint by helicopter to restore the structure to its traditional white. 

Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland's Newsdrive programme at the time, James Taylor, Chief Executive of NLB, said: "It's not a laughing matter because right now we're having to go out there and restore it to its original condition.

'Less visible'

Mr Taylor said the pink paint would make the lighthouse less visible to seamen most of the time and less effective as a piece of safety equipment and he confirmed that white paint had already been sent to the Port Appin lighthouse by helicopter and the total cost of repair was likely to run into four figures.

He said that as a result of the vandalism, the NLB had issued a "Notice to Mariners advising of this change of status".

The NLB said the lighthouse's sudden change in appearance was reported to officials at its depot in Oban by a local resident and was confirmed when personnel visited the site.

I am pleased to say however that the lighthouse was soon restored to it's former glory and continues to this day to do the important job it is there for and saving lives.