Refurbishment complete

19 December 2013 at 07:46

Our closure period is always a frantic time as we need to ensure all work stays on plan to meet the re-opening deadline - and needless to say, there are always complications.

Anyway, we've finished and are now re-opened. We are very pleased with what has been achieved in the two week closure period. I hope our guests will like the changes.

Bedroom 22 has been completely refurbished with a completely new look very different to the old look giving it a more modern and fresh feel. All new furniture helps create a slightly eclectic look and we hope we have achieved a more spacious feel. Wallpapers are Designers Guild and Romo as the feature wall whilst curtains and headboard fabrics are Osborne & Little. The bathroom has been refreshed with a new Porcelanosa basin/vanity top and new taps with matching bath taps.

We have also done some work in the Loch Suite. The headboard has been replaced with a new one with Osborne & Little fabric. But the main change is the replacement of all the furniture to bring a fresh look whilst keeping the classic country house feel. A new, larger TV in the lounge area and the addition of a Nespresso machine are a couple of touches we hope will be appreciated by guests.Finally, new curtains are on order and should be in by the end of January.

The bathroom in Room 10 has been fully re-decorated although we have kept to a similar look to before with a light pink pattern to complement the bedroom.

The main living/kitchen area in the Cottage has been re-decorated with a striped Ralph Lauren paper hopefully giving a more sumptious feel to the room.

However, perhaps the biggest project was the replacing of some of the windows in the front facing bedrooms. Room 3 above the conservatory has had the secondary glazing replaced with new Everest double glazed sash windows making it much easier to open them. Rooms 1 and 10 have both had their secondary glazing replaced with the newest Everest version again, making it much easier to operate. Rooms 12 and 14 at the top have both had their secondary glazing replaced with new Everest double glazed sash windows. 

Needless to say, lots of other work has been done behind the scenes to ensure our guests continue to experience Airds at its best.

We are now in the process of organising photographing the new rooms so that we can update our website. if you have any questions meanwhile on the new rooms then please contact us.

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