Airds Wine Club

If you love wine then The Airds Wine club might be just what you need. On the first Wednesday of each month, starting at 12:30pm, you can take part in a guided wine tasting and a specially designed lunch by our chefs to match the wine for only £29.95 per person. 

The Wine Club host, usually one of our suppliers but occasionally a wine producer, selects a theme for the tasting and then we try 4 wines, a mix of red and white sometimes with a rose or dessert wine too. Our chefs chosen ingredients are specially designed to be paired with the wine selection, bringing out the best of flavours in both food and wine. 

A roaring success from day one, The Airds Wine Club has turned into one of our most loved events. 

If you would like to receive information about upcoming tastings with The Airds Wine Club simply drop us an email at airds@airds-hotel.com with your name and email address or call us on 01631 730236.

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