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The Airds Hotel and Restaurant 2018 Calendar

For the past few years we have constantly been told by guests that we should produce our own calendar using some of the stunning images taken over the years, from the stunning sunsets to the amazing views from the hotel.  Well we have just finished production of our fourth Airds Hotel and Restaurant 2018 Calendar and are absolutely delighted with the results and hope you will be to! We feel it is even better then last years!

We are now taking orders for the 2018 'Airds' calendar .

This is just a little preview of some of the stunning photos used in the 13 month calendar (from January 2018 to January 2019 inclusive), where we carefully chose images to match each month featured on the calendar. Below each photo is a practical month planner - making the calendar both stylish AND practical!

The price for the calendar is just £7.95 +pp and they make a unique gift not only for yourself but also for friends and family!

To order your calendar, either call us on 01631 730236 or email us at with your name, address and credit card details and we can post it off to you.

Happy viewing!


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