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Cars and especially classic cars are a passion of mine. From veteran to vintage to classics and even some current models - they all excite me. It may be sacrilege but I was even in to customising cars in my youth!

So what a wonderful opportunity I now have in owning a hotel. Why - because it gives me the chance to combine my two passions by inviting car enthusiasts to come and stay.

Whether you are just one car or part of a larger tour, The Airds has some real plus points. Being a member of Relais & Chateaux, the hotel has a proven reputation for luxury, fine dining and exceptional service and these qualities will be enjoyed by all guests whether you are on your own or your club has taken exclusive use.

Our setting in Port Appin, 20 miles north of Oban, 27 miles south of Fort William, is beautiful with typical west coast scenery and some wonderful views straight from the hotel across Loch Linnhe. Also, the roads in the surrounding area are particularly good for driving as they are well maintained, many of them wide, and offer spectacular scenery as you drive along the side of lochs and through glens. They are also, if you can avoid peak season, relatively free from traffic!

Car and Bike Clubs

There are two key areas where we can help clubs organising a tour.

1          Competitive rates

2          Logistics

 Competitive rates

As we are keen to attract car clubs to the hotel either as a base or as a stop over, we are offering very good rates. The final rate would depend on a number of factors including the number of rooms required, how many nights and the time of year. Please contact us direct to discuss your requirements.


Organising a club tour requires a lot of time and effort, particularly when it comes to where to stay and choosing menus to suit everyone. Well, with our discerning clientele we are used to tailoring arrangements and will take as much load off the organiser as we can.

We can also advise on suitable roads near us and good places for a photo shoot.


Please contact our Reservations Manager, Kathy Beattie to discuss your requirements.

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