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The area surrounding Port Appin is typical Argyll landscape. Mountains cascade down to beautiful lochs offering sweeping wide views. The population is sparse so remoteness and solitude are pretty much guaranteed and livestock farming is the main means of a livelihood.

Whilst the spectacular scenery is perhaps the greatest single reason to come to the area, history is also very prominent. There are many castles in the area of varying ages, the Robert Louis Stevenson novel ‘Kidnapped’ is based on a true story set in the area and there is the famous Jacobite Rebellion of 1745 for those interested in history.

The landscape lends itself to outdoor activities and a vast list is available to those interested – perhaps start by visiting our ‘Activities’ page.

Whilst the area is remote you will never be too far away from some where to eat. However, for the more discerning guest we will be happy to try and recommend suitable stops on your day trips.