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AA 3 Rosette Restaurant in Scotland

We are pleased to introduce Calum who says that from an early age it was all he ever wanted to do, was to be a chef; he just loves food.

Calum grew up on a tiny Scottish island, Benbecula, and his mother was an inspiration to him when it came to cooking.  The flavours she put together was a real education to him and the importance of sourcing locally, especially when living on a tiny island!  Before beginning his professional career, he was fortunate enough to experience at a local level working in a kitchen and soon realised that to be successful there were no short cuts and he worked his way through the ranks, learning all aspects of sourcing to creating what ultimately comes out on the plate.

‘’I love working with food now more than ever, and what a natural larder there is on the West Coast of Scotland to work from. It was one of the main reasons to take my next career step with Airds; scallops, langoustines, mushrooms, even the hedgerow herbs are fantastic. It makes the job so much easier when the ingredients are this good; you just treat them with respect and allow them to shine’’

Calum and the team look forward to welcoming you to The Airds to share his cuisine.


Fine Dining Restaurant near Oban, Argyll

The Airds has achieved 3 Rosettes for the food for over 27 years and was one of the first restaurants in Scotland to achieve a Gold Award with EatScotland.  The restaurant has also consistently been included in the Good Food Guide for 42 years which is quite an achievement! The second longest in Scotland.

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