List of Treatments

Starter Relaxation Treatments

These treatments offer a gentle introduction to the more specialist & comprehensive Wellbeing Range Body & Deluxe Massages.  With an ‘expressed’ treatment window, this offering is recommended for more elderly guests (70 years +) or for those recovering from medical treatment, rehabilitation or clinical care.  All ‘starter’ relaxation treatments include a detailed consultation incorporating Eastern & Western diagnostic skills including an Oriental tongue & pulse reading with simple after care advice & ongoing practitioner support offered by request.

Quick Release Back & Neck Massage - 30 mins  A short & gentle massage with sweet almond oil to release tension.  This massageupgrades therapeutic massage to also Integrate gentle taster of myofascial & neuro-muscular techniques together with applied stretchwork.  This is a simple introduction to the more comprehensive massages.

Aromatherapy Back, Neck, Shoulder, Head & Scalp Massage - 40 mins                                  A high-grade professional blend of rose otto, lavender, neroli & geranium essentialoils blended to stimulate neuro-muscular relaxation.  Soft tissue palpation & gentle fascial release techniques are combined with stimulation of specific pressure points, in response to your personal consultation & any clinical needs.  An accessible entry to the full range of personalised Aromatherapy.

Oriental Acupressure, Reflexology & Aromatherapy & Foot Release with Trigger point Massage - 45 mins - This intensely relaxing, therapeutic foot ‘work out’ combines an advanced skillset of translating your consultation & clinical needs, into a highly personalised treatment fusing Holistic & Clinical aromatherapy, Chinese massage & acupressure, Trigger point & soft tissue massage together with stimulation of specific reflexology zones for optimal relaxation, lymphatic drainage, joint flexibility & mobility,                                        

Oriental Acupressure, Reflexology & Trigger Point Hand & Foot Massage - 50 mins - Deeply relaxing, intensive therapeutic hand & foot massage using distal points & channel pathway/ meridian palpation, accessed through an advanced skillset of Chinese and Japanese massage, gentle applied stretches, reflexology, neuro-muscular techniques & trigger point release & lymphatic drainage

Reiki Healing Touch Massage - 45 mins - A powerful Japanese healing treatment seamlessly integrated with relaxation & mindfulness techniques including creative visualization & metaphor, guided meditation, pranayama and simple yoga breathing techniques.  The resulting emotional calm, & profound mental & physical relaxation is especially helpful for stressful events, physical trauma or illness, palliative or rehabilitative care.  Please wear loose comfortable clothing.  Fragrance energetic & aromatherapy are also offered by request. 

Oriental Head, Face, Neck & Shoulder Massage - 45 mins - This massage is a deeply relaxing ‘tension tamer’.  The treatment focuses on the scalp, face, forehead, jaw, & the deeper myofascial points of the neck & shoulders.  Freeing integral tension & stagnation or deficiency of your vital energy aims to relieve stress & anxiety, aid sleep & relaxation.


Well Being Range – Relaxing & More In-depth Bodywork Massage

The ‘Well Being’ intensive treatments offer guests the choice of enjoying their choice of massage below, or personalising their own treatment with their own selection of 2 combined therapies.  Treatments include an Oriental tongue & pulse reading & brief structural assessment as appropriate.  Due to popular request, guests are also offered the unique option to further personalise their treatment, by upgradng to a ‘mini-Deluxe’ treatment at no additional cost.  Simply choose your chosen 1 additional therapy from the listing below to add to your treatment or ask for a practitioner recommendation during consultation.  

Therapeutic with Traditional Swedish Back Massage   55 mins or 70 mins

Classic therapeutic massage worked to a medium to firm depth of pressure enhanced by a fusion with Swedish massage & gentle myofascial techniques with a closer focus to tight back muscles.

Swedish & Aromatherapy Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage 60 mins or 80 mins

This skilful fusion of therapies ensures a deeper release using focused soft tissue & myofascial palpation, combined with a powerful clinical blend of aromatherapy oils of roman chamomile, marjoram, lavender. A medium pressure depth targets tension in the back, neck, shoulders & occipital head muscles. 

Swedish, Acupressure & Clinical Aromatherapy Body Massage  70 mins or 90 mins

This all-embracing fusion treatment targets the main structural core muscle groups, with a powerful blend of clinical aromatherapy oils of sandlewood, Lemon, Geranium & Lavender. Targeted acupressure, channel pathway & meridian palpation of the spine, & associated core muscle groups, builds to a luxury head & scalp massage to stimulate & balance vital energy points. This exceptional massage offers the best of Aromatherapy with a firmer pressure, deeper muscle release, & energetic body balancing using advanced Oriental massage. 

Sports with Swedish Back & Neck Fusion Massage   55 mins or 70 mins

An efficient back, neck & shoulder massage with focused trigger point release is combined with firm Swedish massage & myofascial techniques to relax & lengthen shortened muscle fibres & tension.  Gentle diaphragm release & gentle applied stretchwork may be used to enhance relaxation.  

Deep Tissue with Deep Swedish Back, Neck, Head & Shoulder Massage 50 mins

Deep Tissue with Swedish Body Massage   60 mins or 70 mins

(with Sport Aromatherapy - £ a small premium).

A highly skilled fusion massage using firm to deep soft tissue palpation with trigger point therapy, myofascial & neuromuscular techniques.  Anti-inflammatory & anti-spasmodic ‘sport aromatherapy’ may be included by request.  A deeper & targeted pressure accesses the body’s deeper muscle groups using skilled application of forearms, wrists & elbows & body weight. This is an ideal treatment for gentlemen, athletes or sports enthusiasts requiring attention to residual problem areas.

Oriental Head Massage & Acupressure Body Massage 55 mins or 70 mins

Combining a combination of Chinese, Japanese & Thai Acupressure massage, this treatment employs gentle rhythmic applied pressure through loose clothing.  Working the body’s twelve meridian channels with gentle applied stretchwork & a fusion of Oriental palpation & relaxation, oil may be used on the face & head by request.

Deluxe Range – Personalised Deluxe Fusion Treatments

The exclusive Deluxe range brings the very best multi-disciplinary fusion of Eastern & Western clinical & healing skills within a single appointment ‘window’.  This is holistic & remedial care at its best – no one treatment is the same, as each is designed to respond to your unique physical & energetic equilibrium at the present time.  Consultation may include a structural assessment & Oriental & palpatory diagnostics including a detailed Oriental tongue & pulse diagnosis.

The Deluxe Range offers a very special treat – either for yourself as long overdue time out, relaxation & rejuvenation, or for those who might not otherwise treat themselves…   

Deluxe Swedish Massage with Clinical Aromatherapy Full Body Massage & luxury Oriental Acupressure Head, Neck & Face Massage - 80 mins or 95 mins

A superior Deluxe combination of Swedish massage & advanced aromatherapy, enhancing physical & emotional balance through clinical fragrance energetics, created by your own unique blend of oils based on your specific energetic, emotional & physical constitution.  This is a wonderfully nourishing treatment, offering an intensively integrated holistic experience, bringing mind, body & spirit into balanced equilibrium.  Combining deeply relaxing but energising acupressure points on the head, face & deep neck muscles, this massage is for connoisseurs who appreciate an exceptional full body & a deep relaxation experience. 

Deluxe Deep Tissue with Trigger Point Body Fusion Massage with Sport Aromatherapy, Swedish Massage & Acupressure    60 mins or 80 mins

An advanced Deluxe fusion treatment for gentlemen. sportsmen or athletes or for those preferring an intensive firm to deep tissue massage to core muscle groups.  This skilled treatment combines deep trigger point & soft tissue massage, with advanced neuromuscular release on tighter problem areas.   Acupressure points along spine, shoulders, neck are worked thoroughly throughout this exceptional massage, culminating in a deep acupressure scalp massage to stimulate & balance vital energy points. Remedial support with stretchwork & exercises enables ongoing attention & care post-treatment where appropriate. 

Deluxe Traditional Oriental Body Massage with Oriental Acupressure to the Head & Scalp& Advanced Swedish & Aromatherapy Massage 90 mins or 120 mins

 This massage is the ultimate in Eastern & Western therapy fusion.   A detailed consultation assesses your unique emotional & physical constitution using Chinese diagnostic skills.  Slow, rhythmic acupressure balancing works along the body’s meridian pathways, releasing & restoring energy with a light to firm pressure, using the principles of Shiatsu & acupressure massage.  Swedish massage is then used to nourish tired muscles, using a personalized blend of premium grade clinical aromatherapy oils.  This massage offers the most integrative & complete fusion of therapies within an extended treatment window.  Please ensure that you allow time following treatment to relax & enable your body to ‘come to’ slowly.



Please note that aromatherapy is a wonderful treatment for both men and women & may be used to enhance mental, physical & emotional relaxation as well as optimum functionality of muscles & structural integrity. 

If preferred, an energising/ invigorating blend of rosemary, lavender, marjoram & roman chamomile may be used.

All treatments may incorporate an Oriental pulse diagnosis & fragrance energetic may be used to aid professional selection of blended Tisserand or Solutions aromatic oils.

Aromatherapy Face, Scalp, Neck & Shoulders 55 mins - or 70 mins

A blissful, calming massage with essential oils of rose otto  & geranium or sandlewood, lavender, chamomile & Vitamin E  to relieve stress & tension.  Massage incorporates gentle pressure point release & acupressure of the head, face & scalp to help free tension & help clear stagnation resulting in anxiety, insomnia, headaches or stress-related tension.  Treatments may include by request gentle trigger point release & applied stretchwork to help free up tight neck & shoulders & temporal & occipital muscles of the head.

Aromatherapy Back, Neck, Shoulders, Head & Scalp Massage 60 mins or 80 mins

If your body is tired, treat yourself to this gentle tonic to tense & fatigued core muscle groups of the back, neck & shoulders culminating in a luxurious head & scalp massage.   This massage uses a professional aromatic facial blend for sensitive skin (with essential oils of chamomile, lavender & sandlewood) or mature / dry skin (with essential oils of lemon, sandlewood & geranium), aiming to leave your body energetic in balance. 

Aromatherapy Body Massage with Acupressure Fragrance Energetics 50 mins or 70 mins  Or

Aromatherapy Full Body Massage with Fragrance Energetics & Acupressure Release 90 mins or 120 mins

This balancing treatment uses your own body energetics through pulse & tongue diagnosis to help you relax or energise your integral Qi or vital energy.  Accessing a multi-skill set of Traditional Oriental & Western palpatory massage, breath awareness & relaxation skills, this treatment uses a professional aromatic facial blend for sensitive skin (with essential oils of chamomile, lavender & sandlewood) or mature / dry skin (with essential oils of lemon, sandlewood & geranium), aiming  to relax muscles, ease emotional stress, anxiety & fatigue.

With the Full Body Massage a personalised deluxe blend of premium aromatherapy oils is used for all-encompassing nurturing & rejuvenation of mind, body & spirit.  This is aromatherapy at its best – enjoyed for clinical support of specific health issues or purely for deep relaxation & emotional balancing.